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We offer

Polls / Surveys - political or commercial. When you want to know, close to the truth, how you are perceived by the population, your ideas or products, how your competitors are seen, the survey is the best tool that will give you answers on which you can base your future decisions, correctly and efficiently.

Focus-groups / individual interviews - the two tools are used in qualitative research. The main feature of individual interviews and focus group is the ability to obtain detailed information using a developed interview guide. Focus group interviews method (focus group) is used to investigate a sample of the population in terms of interaction.

Political consulting - both for parties, political leaders, and for companies, investors. It's good to ask advice of specialists in political issues. Development in this area can lead you inevitably "up" or "down" depending on how you or your organization will decide in a given political context.

Monitoring the media, public appearances of targeted customers or clients of the company - how the content of immediate communication is structured is quite obscured for non-specialists. You can miss interesting topics or important information for you and your business or political interests. It is therefore necessary to analyze and monitor the appearance in the field of public communication of all subjects of interest as well as public persons. However, it is important how you or the company present yourself / your organization in front of the press and media, and what the media will report later about what you wanted to communicate. Therefore we ensure the organization of press conferences, press releases.

Design, organization and implementation of image campaigns for individuals, organizations or commercial products or ideas – to impose into the public subconscious ideas, people, organizations or products, you need to establish a good communication plan, a good organization of communication and its content. Basically a political party, for example, needs permanent "image campaign", well organized on various topics, whether real or invented.

Information campaigns / tele-marketing or by post - The easiest way to communicate ideas, information about you and your company / your organization. Also a very simple way to present the offer of your company's products, or to create a database of potential customers.

Design, organization, execution of election campaign - political parties, political leaders. Besides what typically involves such a step, we provide services in terms of technical organization of party participation in the elections, and of the political leader.

Management of public relations - political parties, company, public institution. In an open society, where communication of our interests, mode of action and our actions, is very important in terms of desired success, crisis situations need to be well managed and in terms of public image. Thus in addition to monitoring mentioned above, any party / corporation / institution / leader must have crisis communication strategies well prepared. Also, if interests require, you can create crises whose good management bring our clients an image gain.

Connections in various fields of political and economic interests-LOBBY - on request we provide contact, communication, relationships according to the client's interests.

Media production - political parties, companies, political leaders. Radio / tv show production, press articles, advertising interviews, electoral/commercial advertising. Also provide publication and dissemination.

Organizing events - Whether there are symposiums, seminars, conferences, we are able to organize these activities with maximum efficiency and for full use to our clients. For political clients, we can also organize rallies, support / challenge public gatherings.


This presentation is a general one and includes all the services offered by our company.

For each of the services mentioned above, you get a detailed offer price at time of concrete request from you.